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Lab Automation

Digitalization and Laboratory 4.0

The digitization of laboratories is picking up speed. More and more laboratories are confronted with questions such as “digital transformation” and “laboratory 4.0” in order to achieve greater efficiency in the laboratory of the future and to meet legal guidelines.

To achieve a high level of automation, analysis and laboratory devices, sensors, processes, software systems and data must be linked together. These actors must communicate with each other to ensure everything runs smoothly.

As a software company, we are a cogwheel on the path to the digital laboratory of the future. We support you in integrating devices and sensors into your laboratory software, adapting and linking software components (CDS, LIMS, ELN, SAP etc.) according to your needs in order to ultimately ensure the flow of data between all actors.

Automate processes

Automated processes make daily tasks in the laboratory more efficient, reproducible and safer and increase sample throughput.


The traceability of samples via RFID tags or barcodes is also a big issue.

We can help you automate your processes with software solutions.

You also benefit from our many years of experience when it comes to connecting and controlling devices and sensors that automate your laboratory.

From the device to the cloud​

A laboratory of the future will contain many modern analytical and laboratory devices, as well as sensors, which must be connected to the infrastructure and provide data. However, you often have to deal with older equipment that also needs to be integrated.

We support you in connecting your laboratory equipment to your software. In this way, measurement data, analysis results or telemetry data can be read and transmitted to external systems (e.g. PLS, LIMS, Cloud) for further analysis or monitoring.

Using AI or BigData, this enables functions such as predictive maintenance or anomaly detection.


All hardware and software components in a laboratory must communicate with each other.

This is often not easily possible due to proprietary interfaces and data formats.

OPC UA (Unified Architecture) and LADS® (Laboratory Agnostic Device Standard) are promising approaches to the standardization of interfaces.

We can support you in developing these interfaces as well as integrating them into your laboratory environment.

Instrument control

Many years of experience in controlling analytical devices and remote control of instrument controllers, enables us to develop solutions for you to initiate analyzes (single runs or sequences) automatically. Analyzes can be initiated time-controlled or remotely using a PLS or LIMS system and the analysis results (detected compounds, etc.) can be reported back automatically.

Our know-how also enables active intervention in the analysis, for example to automatically adjust instrument parameters during the analysis or switch valves.

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